Next Generation EDI


Designed for companies with one or just a few trading partners exchanging a few documents each month, and who have their own translation software.
  • Interconnects with all other VANS – you can reach your trading partner
  • Best customer support in the industry
  • Ability to track your documents via the internet
  • Secure, reliable, timely delivery of data
  • Low per kilocharacter cost

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Designed for companies with one or just a few trading partners exchanging a few documents each month, and do not have translation software.
  • No translation software needed, saving you effort and expense
  • Easily and quickly satisfy major customer requirements
  • Automatic tracking of document receipts (functional acknowledgements)
  • Intra-network translation using your ERP or Accounting System formats
  • York’s Seldon™ Document Creation and Turn-Around Software included

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The solution for companies with current VAN bills over $2,000 per month.
  • One predictable monthly fee regardless of the amount of VAN traffic
  • Interconnects with all major VANS
  • Can slash your VAN bill, providing major savings to your IT budget
  • Secure, reliable, timely delivery of documents
  • Savings grow with your EDI initiative; the more traffic, the more you save

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EDI FASTrack™ Deluxe

Designed for companies with significant B2B initiatives that need additional data cleansing and enhancements to maximize their supply chain.
  • Fully outsourced EDI solution
  • Data intelligence features that go far beyond translation software
  • Wide range of options gives your trading partners “no excuse EDI”
  • Frees your IT staff for other projects
  • Improves the B2B experience
  • Customized applications extend your ERP capabilities

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“Technical support from York Worldwide is far superior to any other EDI company I have worked with in my career. The response time is less than a day. The support group is committed and extremely competent.”
– Eileen Brezina, IT Help Desk, Snow & Jones

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